ELSA International projekti

Ovo su glavni projekti udruge, tzv. “Flagship” brandovi ELSA-e, i drugi projekti koji se organiziraju diljem ELSA mreže od 43 članice. Mnogi od ovih projekata održavaju se i u Hrvatskoj, a ELSA članovima omogućeno je sudjelovanje u projektima diljem Europe.

ELSA Law Schools

ELSA Law School is a unique opportunity for each law student to experience 20-30 hours of academic programme provided by top universities and legal firms during one week. The goal of ELSA Law School is training your legal skills, so the programme consists of mock trials, case studies, practical workshops and more. ELSA Law Schools offer variety of legal topics, so everyone can participate in one according to their interest while being in an international environment. Schools are organized in cities all over Europe with participants, speakers and legal professionals coming from all around the world. Students will not just benefit from academic knowledge, but will also meet people from different cultures and surroundings and broaden their horizons.

Rule of Law Education

The Rule of Law Education Programme (ROLE) is an international ELSA project that is carried out by National Groups. It is an educational initiative designed to provide non-formal education on the Rule of Law and leadership to high school students around Europe. The Curriculum, taught by law students and young legal professionals, covers various aspects of the Rule of Law, including access to justice, equality before the law, and an
independent judiciary. Through the practice of non-formal education, the goal is to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to actively advocate for the improvement of the Rule of Law in their respective communities. ROLE has already been implemented in many different countries, including Serbia, Finland, the Netherlands, and Croatia. However, with its 43 member countries and nearly 350 local groups, ELSA aims to reach a minimum of 35,000 students across Europe in the upcoming years through the ROLE project. National Boards in any country are encouraged to organise ROLE with the support of the International Board and ELSA Alumni, as long as there are no
legal restrictions prohibiting the organisation of the project.

ELSA Delegations

By participating in ELSA Delegations you can benefit in many ways, some of them being experiencing the drafting of international legal documents or getting an insight in the international organisations’ daily work, but also acquiring additional knowledge and skills in legal topics which are otherwise not as available to you. Among other things you will acquire are also contacts with other legal professionals, these being leading lawyers in multiple fields of law. By participating in many conferences in various cities, brought to you by ELSA Delegations, you will get to experience aforesaid activities in their natural surroundings, providing you with a full picture of the way things work in the legal world.

John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition

The John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition is a simulated hearing of the WTO dispute settlement system where teams prepare and analyze a fictive case and present their arguments both for the Complainant and the Respondent in front of a Panel which consists of WTO and trade law experts. The competition is designed as first presenting written submishion, followed by the regional rounds and the final round for the best teams which takes place in Geneva, Switzerland. The aim is to enhance knowledge of international trade law and WTO dispute settlement procedures, but also to provide students with useful professional experience and a chance to get in touch with the world’s top law firms.

Helga Pedersen Moot Court Competition

The HPMCC is a simulated court case before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Students face a case in which there is one or multiple alleged violations of the European Convention on Human Rights. The selected students will prepare written observations to address these violations. The competition is in English and offers students the opportunity, not only to take part in an interesting challenge, but also to meet students and lawyers from other universities and countries. Furthermore, students receive the possibility to gain insight in the functioning of the ECHR and Human Rights in Europe. The winning Team is offered an internship with the European Council or the ECHR.

Legal Research Groups

A Legal Research Group is a project in which a group of law students and young lawyers across ELSA’s 44 member countries carry out research in a specified field of law with an aim to make their conclusions publicly and internationally accessible. Legal research goes hand in hand with the development of various legal skills, necessary for a professional career, such as legal English, legal writing, research skill and teamwork. All participants are awarded a Certificate of Participation and may be invited to a concluding conference as speakers.

ELSA Traineeships

ELSA Traineeships give opportunities to law students and young lawyers to gain work experience abroad. It is great way of extending law knowledge through internships and to get to know international culture and customs, as well as meeting new friends. International exchange programs are also effective to challenge students to develop a global perspective. Exchange students live with a host family or in a designated place such as a hostel, an apartment, or a student lodging. Participants fund their participation via scholarships, loans, or self-funding, but most of the programmes reimburse the students for a part of their costs.

ELSA Law Review

Annual Human Rights Campaign

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